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Probate and estate planning attorneys in Honolulu

Hawaii Convey can help you with your Hawaii legal matters relating to  real estate, real estate transactions and business law matters. Our friendly legal team is ready with aloha to hear your story and help you with your legal needs. This page outlines many of our legal services, but do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more details about the types of real estate and other legal matters we handle. We will be pleased to serve your legal needs after consultation.

Real estate law

Hawaii Convey has been handling real estate law cases in the state for more than 30 years. We can help you with the preparation of deeds, conveyance documents, and recordings. We can also assist with preparation, filing, and recording of simple and complicated land court petitions, as well as the reparation and recording of timeshare documents. Call us now for a full list of services.

Probate and trusts

Let Hawaii Convey help you sort out informal or formal probate issues, special administration, ancillary probate and other related topics. We can also assist with the preparation and recording of conveyances into trust, and all types of estate planning. In addition, we help trustees and land owners with real property issues and assist property management companies. 

Business law

Hawaii Convey can prepare commercial leases, form corporations, LLC's, and other legal entities. We can also help with the preparation of business and contract documents. Call us to learn more about our business services.

List of our legal services:

• Preparation of deeds and other conveyance documents for escrow, mainland, and foreign attorneys and assisting with title issues
• Preparation of loan documents for lenders and individual lenders
• Preparation, filing, and recording of simple and complicated land court petitions
• Preparation and recording of timeshare documents
• Informal and formal probates; special administration, ancillary probate
• Preparation of business and real estate contracts and transaction documents
• Preparation and recording of conveyances into trust
• Estate planning
• Assisting landowners and trustees with real property issues
• Assisting property management companies
• Preparation of commercial leases for landowners and property management companies
• Formation of corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, etc.
• Preparation of business and real estate acquisition and disposition documents
• Fee conversion document preparation

Probate and estate planning attorneys available in Honolulu, HI
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